Full scale replica of BOEING737 FWD OVERHEAD panel

• Plug&Play, only one USB port required
• Gauges
• Starter switches, Yaw damper and Wing AntiIce with electromagnetic disengage.
• Annunciators test.
• Compatible with Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator Steam Edition, Prepar 3D (V1,V2,V3), Project Magenta, PROSIM737, PMDG737NGX and iFly737 software.
• Warm white backlighted front panel
• Locking lever switches

The OVH737 is a full scale replica of the Boeing 737NG overhead panel. Look and functionality are reproduced with high details. The OVH737FWD connects via USB.
The hardware is based on printed circuit boards to give a clean and orderly layout; no messy wires or approximately fixed hardware.
The gauges, based on stepping motor, are directly integrated on the printed circuit boards and driven by the main circuit processor.
The OVH737 is equipped with high quality level components: high reliability switches with locking lever where required, yaw damper and wing anti-ice switches. All switches and annunciators are working and interface with the connected software.
Like in the real overhead, the annunciators have "push to test" function to check the functionality. The OVH737 is divided in two sections, the FWD and the AFT overhead.
The FWD overhead "OVH737FWD" constitutes the main section and it is the one where you connect the computer USB and the power supply.
The OVH737FWD can operate independently from the presence of the AFT section.
The AFT overhead "OVH737AFT" is an addition to the FWD section and it is dependent on the OVH737FWD. Please read carefully the operation manual at "Technical and documents" section for more details. Like the real overhead the Overhead737 FWD has electromagnetic mechanism to release Yaw Damper, Wing AntiIce and Engine Start switches.
Electronic components are installed on printed circuit boards fixed on the overhead structure and connected through flat cable. No need to wire or connect anything, the overhead is provided ready to be used. No electronic knowledge is required. Install the overhead is easy like connecting any device to your PC simply. Gauges are directly assembled on the boards and developed to fit into the Overhead structure.
Special attention has been dedicated to each detail with the purpose to develop a product of exceptional quality composed by first quality components.
Like in the real aircraft you can also test all the annunciators pushing on the legends. High quality locking lever switches are used to assemble the Overhead. White Caps on the Non-Locking (like for example Taxi, No Smoking switches are not included). Other switches like APU, FUEL PUMP have white caps.
AFT overhead panel is an extension of the FWD panel. There are 5 flat cables to connect the OVH737AFT, one for each vertical section. The flat cable connectors have an insertion key and cannot be inserted contrariwise.
All the panel are backlighted through dedicated printed board fitted inside every front panel. This allows a great and harmonious light effects.

Why choosing us?

Our OVH is compact, well organized, with integrated wires, pre-installed gauges and working integrated electromagnete for automatic release. Our OVH737FWD does not require further driver installations, software configurations, without the occupation of USB ports on the PC. No need to wire or connect anything, the OVH is provided ready to be used. No electronic knowledge is required. Install the OVH is easy like connect any device to your PC simply inserting the cable to the PC usb port. This is a real plug & play system, with no need of configuration or script file to install.
We supply the product with all that you need: 3 mt USB cable and power supply adapter. This is a system compatible with the new add on, following the request of the market.

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