Cockpit A320 Single Seat

We combine technological innovation and unparalleled comfort inside our A320 Single Seat Cockpit. You can explore flight with a new level of precision and customization, driven by our passion for excellence in aviation.



Cockpit A320 SINGLE SEAT

CPFlight Professional Cockpit A320: Steel base and pedal board on wheels,
pedal board like the original, with brake pedal board mechanically joined (only two potentiometers). with window and scale Front side console Sidestick with faux leather upholstery like the original Sidestick Pro same as the originals, with lockout solenoid for autopilot, position and tilt like the originals to ensure habitual posture, with load cells for retraining. Realistic seats with electric adjustment. Tiller Pro with realistic force and pedal disconnect button Full fiberglass cabin structure and metal interior, with dimmable lighting.
Central pedestal with: MCDU CPT and F/O LAN Replica Thales. A320 TQ with motorized trim wheels, engine start speed selectors Full ECAMP panel Full WXR Transponder panel Spoiler lever Flap lever Cabin door selector Radio COM Audio panel Captain and First Officer rudder trim with digital knob indication and reset button Emergency manual Gear lever Parking brake lights and dimmer panel MIP complete with: Side modules (with dimmers and PFD adjustment and ND panel lights) Automatic brake module Airbus clock Landing gear selector and Terrain on Nd brake fan selectors FCU + 2 EFIS modules Adjustable table and footrest Headlamp Floodlight Complete canopy, with third radio module Third audio panel Fire panel Aft hanging panel with non-functional switches for CPFlight.

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