Full Scale replica of the Boeing737NG LIGHT Panel, look and functionality are reproduced with high details.

• Custom high resolution warm white backlighting frontplate.
• 3 position switch with customized cap for RETRACTABLE landing light
• 2 position switch with customized cap for FIXED landing light
• Original APEM MOM-LOCK-LOCK switch with white CAP for APU ON/OFF and START function
• 2 Boeing style BACKLIGHTED knob on the start switches
• 2 start switches with electromagnetic disengage to switch between GRD to OFF position
• Provided with a 4 pole cable for daisy chain interface with the main module ( B737 ELECTRICAL PANEL )
• Compatible with Prosim737 V3, Project Magenta, PMDG737NGX, PMDG737NGX series and iFly737
• Logics, operating modes and aircraft way of behaving are managed by the used software ( PROSIM737, Project Magenta, PMDG or iFly).

B737NG LIGHT PANEL is intended for CPflight daisy chain connection. Does not require further driver installations, software configurations or any additional power supply.

B737NG LIGHT PANEL is an expansion module and require B737 ELECTRICAL PANEL to operate so don't use other computer's input like usb port. The ELECTRICAL PANEL performs the function of “central unit” for all the other modules that make the overhead

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