The MIP737ICS3 MAX is a series of modules that integrates the electronic and hardware to support the functions of the Main Instrument Panel of B737MAX simulator.
All switches, annunciators and gauges are already installed and working, no more electronic component is needed.

• MIP737ICS3_MAX_CPT_LO: the lower Captain panel include the Main Panel backlight regulator, the Background and AFDS Flood brightness regulator besides the dual concentric potentiometers that allow to adjust the DU’s brightness (where supported by the software add-on). The Background and AFDS Flood knobs effect the brightness adjustment to two terminal blocks located on the MIP737ICS3_MAX CPT or FULL product. Here you can connect a standard 12V Led strip (max 5W each). The MIP737ICS3_MAX_CPT_LO is composed by two panels interconnected by a flat cable, the group simply connect to the MIP737ICS3_MAX ( CPT or FULL ) through the provided 4 pole cable.

Compatible with Flight Simulator 2020, Flight Simulator X (also Steam Edition) , Prepar 3D (all versions ), PROSIM737 MAX version. Compatible also with NG aircraft using Project Magenta, PMDG737NGXu, iFly737, LVLD767, XP11, XP12 ( Zibo737 thought Midwest737simulation driver).

The hardware supports all the MIP737 functionality, the working functions are depending by the Add-on installed software. To allow the MIP737ICS3_MAX_CPT_LO function, the MCP737 firmware revision has to be updated to the last version.
All Switches and potentiometers are already fully installed and working.
Lower module section has functional single and dual concentric potentiometers.
A rotary switch manage the PFD/MFD window management
All modules are provided with metal backplate and backlighted front panel.

Why choosing us?

MIP737ICS3_MAX_CPT_LO represents the state of the art in the evolutions and improvements of simulation systems, MIP737ICS3_MAX is a plug&play system, no need of any configuration file or script.

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