The EDC737 MAX is a module that integrates the electronic and hardware to support the functions of the Engine Control Display on B737MAX simulators.
All switches, annunciators and gauges are already installed and working, no more electronic component is needed.

• Engine display control panel include Autobrake Disarm, Antiskid Inop, Brake Temp and Tire Pressure korry annunciators. All the Korry annunciators include the test function.
Autobrake "MAX" position is guarded position so Knob must be pulled out to select MAX. 3 position APEM Fuel Flow switch. Selector to customize the window screen of Navigation display ( both CPT and FO ). Backlighted and fully operative Brake Press Gauge managed with high resolution stepping motor.
The module is provided fully assembled with the connectors to plug cables coming from the other modules. Connections are very simple and all connectors have a key to avoid reversed insertion.
The EDC737 MAX module is connected to the CPflight daisy-chain through the provided 5 pole cable, the 12Vdc power supply is also provided.

The EDC737 MAX System works with FS2020, FSX, P3D ( all Version ) using addon like Prosim737 MAX , PMDG737NGXu, iFly737, XP11 and XP12 ( Zibo737) and the most common FS add-on software.
The hardware supports all the EDC737 functionality, the working functions are depending by the Add-on installed software.
To allow the EDC737 MAX function, the MCP737 firmware revision has to be updated to the last version.
Module is provided with metal backplate and backlighted front panel.

Why choosing us?

EDC737 MAX represents the state of the art in the evolutions and improvements of simulation systems, EDC737 MAXis a plug&play module, no need of any configuration file or script.
You only need to connect the power adapter and the 5 poli cable to the MCP, EFIS, SIDE or any other point of the CPflight daisy-chain and it will automatically identify the modules and will start to communicate with the entire system.

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