Full scale replica Airbus Audio Control panel for A318,A319,A320,A321,A330,A340 cockpits

• Plug&Play module
• Warm white backlight
• Realistic design with real size dimensions
• High quality customized backlighted pushbuttons
• Directly plug CPflight daisy chain (CPflight FCU required)
• All functions supported ( depends by the used software )
• 4 pole connection cable (50 cm-provided)
• Push to release potentiometer to enable the volume regulation
• 15 potentiometers with latching push functions and illuminated knob
• High accuracy 10 bit resolution potentiometer for volume regulation on each channel
• Steel back cover for electronic circuit protection
• Easy jumper selection to set ACP CP side , ACP FO side or ACP OVH side functionality
• The module is supplied with aluminium fasteners, screws and nuts
• ACP320 is an expansion module and requires FCU320 to operate.
• Compatible with Flight Simulator, Prepar 3D ( all releases ) using Project Magenta A320 or PROSIMA320
• Other compatibility addon will be add time by time following market request

Why choosing us?

Our ACP320 panels is connected directly to the FCU320 or OVH320FWD in daisy-chain together with the other modules.
The FCU320 or OVH320 takes on charge all the connected modules, dealing the communication between them.
For this reason ACP320 does not require further driver installations, software configurations, with no occupation of USB ports on the pc. Behind the panel the thickness of our ACP320 is besides of 43 mm.

Download software e manuali
FCU320 Daisy-chain.pdf

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