PMDG737 for FS2020 compatible at 100%

PMDG737 for FS2020 compatible at 100%

Using the driver release 377 or later version the CPflight MCPs (EL, PRO, PRO2, PRO3 and NG-MAX) are perfectly compatible, at 100%, with PMDG737 panel for FS2020. Also CDU737PRO is compatible (both CP and FO side ) at 100% with PMDG737 for FS2020. Soon also the Overhead panel will be compatible, driver with also overhead functionality will be released at half of september 2022

Please verify to have installed the last version of fsuipc7

Please read carefully also the document FS2020_Readme_first.pdf enclosed into the installer

After done this 2 simple setup you need only to run fs_com.exe and select Connect into fs_com menu bar.

The hardware will start and will syncronize the PMDG data, so after few seconds on the hardware ( MCP, All glareshield annunciators, MIP annunciators and radio panels ) will appear the same values of the PMDG737 panel.

So the hardware now connect and syncronize the MCP, Glareshield, MIP, annunciators status and radio frequencyes

Summing up:

All MCP switches ( AT, FD1, FD2 and disengage bar ) work

All MCP pushbuttons and annuncitors work at 100%

EFIS is fully operative ( works at 100% )

Radio panesl ( NAV, VHF, ADF and ATC ) work at 100%

Glareshield annunciators work at 100%

MIP737 panel annunciators work at 100%

CDU737PRO ( CP and FO side ) work at 100%

Please read the enclosed document (pdf) for more information