The MIP737ICS_FULL is a series of modules that integrates the electronic and hardware to support the functions of the Main Instrument Panel of B737NG simulator.
All switches, annunciators and gauges are already installed and working, no more electronic component is needed.
The connection between MIP737ICS_FULL sections are made through flat cables. MIP737ICS_FULL is a plug&play expansion module and requires the CPflight MCP737 (EL or PRO/PRO2 version) to operate.
The MIP737ICS2 works with Project Magenta, Prosim737, PMDG737NGX, iFly/37 and the most common FS add-on software.
The working functions are depending by the Add-on installed software; the hardware supports all the MIP737 functionality.
Please read carefully the manual to install MIP737ICS_FULL in your structure.
The MIP737ICS_FULL is available in full configuration and also in partial configurations.
5 pole cable, power supply and screws to fix the modules to the structure are included.
To allow the MIP737ICS_FULL function, the MCP737 firmware revision has to be updated to the last version. More information about the firmware update are reported on the MCP operation manual.
Switches, annunciators, LED's and knobs are already installed and working.
The module is fully assembled with connection cables and connector to plug NOSE WHEEL STERING switch and Below G/S annunciator.
Center module section is supplied with aluminium backplate and backlighted front panel.
N1 SET and SPEED REF are dual concentric Rotary switches with encoder.
Autobrake "MAX" position is guarded position so to set "MAX" position you have to pull and rotate the knob.
Center module is provided fully assembled with the connector to plug all flat cables that come from the other modules. All the connectors have a key to avoid reversed connection. MIP737ICS_FULL center module includes a backlighted FLAPS Gauge with 2 indipendent needles to show Left and Right position.
FO module section is supplied with backlighted front panel.
Switches, rotary, annunciators, LED's and knobs are already installed and working.
FO module includes BACKLIGHTED Brake Press gauge.
Lower module section has functional single and dual concentric potentiometers.
All is provided with aluminium backplate and backlighted front panel.

Why choosing us?

MIP737ICS_FULL is a plug&play system, no need of any configuration file or script.
You need only to connect to the MCP that will automatically reknow the modules and will start to communicate with the entire system.
The MIP737ICS_FULL is connected to the MCP through a 5 pole expansion socket.
Connect a plug of the enclosed 5 pole cable to one of the MIP737ICS_FULL sockets and the other side to the AUX socket on the MCP737 backpanel.
If you have other modules (pedestal modules) you can connect them to the second socket of the MIP737ICS_FULL using the BRT737DC board (daisy-chain).

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