Cockpit 737NG Single Seat

We offer tailor-made solutions for aviation enthusiasts and professionals, ensuring authenticity and precision in every detail. You can discover the pleasure of flying with our full-scale 1.1 Boeing 737 NG Single Seat Cockpit.




Cpflight Professional Single Seat Ethernet replica 1:1 scale Cpt side with Glareshield made of Black aluminum,TFT included and fully mounted hardware installed: Mcp737pro3MNg,Efis737Ng,Mip737Ics3Main,Mip737NgIcs3Cpt,Mip737NgIcs3_Cpt Lo,CduProNg,Multi737,Multinav737 Atc737,Tiller,Rudder,Cpflight Single Seat is fully assembled and mounted,ready to use. Plug&fly 100% compatible with Prosim. Does not require any plugins or addons, it is integrated with Prosim (Prepar3D or Fs2020)
Fully compatible with X-Plane11/12 + Zibo Fully compatible with Prepar3d + Pmdg

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